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Joyce Rojas

Helping people around the world transform their money mindset

“Why do I feel stagnant in life? Why am I not growing wealth? Why is my business/career not growing? Why do I feel like I’m not tapping into my potential?’ I have an answer for you: because your mind is stuck in a rut. You think the same damn thoughts every day, so you end up getting the same results of the past. It’s time to change that. Change your mindset, change your life. And I’ll show you how.

Joyce Rojas

Remember the Great Recession of 2008? The banks were failing, the stock market had plummeted, the housing bubble had burst and people were out of jobs. I happened to work in the banking industry at that time so my career life was uncertain, to say the least, but there was a bigger problem I was dealing with - I was also going through a painful divorce and my life felt like it was falling apart.

One day while at work, the electricity suddenly shut off. I decided to step out and grab a cup of coffee from a nearby café to make good use of my time. As I walk across the street, I get hit by a pickup truck!

They say that a multitude of thoughts race through your head when you’re about to die. It’s true. But I remember the 2 loudest thoughts... "Is this it? Was that all there was to my life?" I felt like I had been bamboozled like I hadn't lived out my purpose or truly savored life.

The second thought and the one that haunted me most was, "What kind of morning did I have with my son that day?". I couldn’t remember whether it was one of those stressful, anxiety-driven mornings or one where I dropped him off with a smile on his face as he hugged me goodbye. What kind of morning did I have? I just couldn’t remember...How could I not remember if the person I love the most in this world had hugged me that morning?!?

At that moment, I realized that I had been sleepwalking through life - that everything that was truly important to me was not what I was making important. That day taught me 2 things:

I was undoubtedly here for a purpose
I was done sleepwalking through life.

My Bada$$ Transformation.

I am now a transformational speaker on money and mindset. By now, my content has reached and positively impacted thousands of people to stop sleepwalking through life and begin designing their life with purpose, clarity, and logic. You are here by design, to design and you do so every day. Money shouldn't be what holds you back from creating the life you want, it should be the tool you use to make it happen.

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Joyce Rojas has positively impacted thousands of people’s lives by shifting their relationship with money. With over 19 years in the banking & investment industry, experience as a top financial advisor at a Fortune 500 company, and a Masters in Business Administration, Joyce is easily a leading expert in money matters. But her secret is not in all those accolades. It’s in knowing that wealth begins with mindset. 

As a Latina in a male-dominated industry, a single mom, and a daughter of immigrant parents, Joyce had the cards stacked against her. She painfully watched her father exhaust himself working 2 jobs to provide for his family. She couldn’t understand why making money was so hard for him yet easy for others. As a struggling single mom, she wanted a different life for her son but found herself living the same scarcity pattern she lived as a child. This frustration led her to delve deep into the factors that genuinely determine financial success. She discovered that subconscious belief systems and thought patterns around money were what held people back the most. Armed with this knowledge, she now helps others rewire their thoughts around money so they can create the abundance they deserve.  

Joyce Rojas is a transformational speaker, financial advisor, and author of the best-selling finance book 31 Badass Money Mindset Affirmations. Her impactful work focuses on helping people take control of their finances, develop the mindset needed to succeed in life, and create the abundance they deserve.