Bootcamp .

8 weeks to reshape
your money & mindset

Instill the right habits, and create clarity around your finances so you can live the life you truly want to live. 

Bankroll Bootcamp shares 4 secrets that will revolutionize the way you make, control, and manifest money in your life. This is NOT something that I was taught at home, in college nor in decades of banking and investment experience. This is something I learned by helping thousands of people successfully transform their financial situations.

It doesn’t matter what your current situation is, what matters is how determined you are to change it…and I will be here every step of the way.

After my divorce, I was so scared…I was smack in the middle of a recession, I was losing my house, I couldn’t pay daycare for my son, I was taking care of him alone, and I was feeling like a failure. Just 5 years later, I had more than quadrupled my income and assets, gotten my masters in business administration, had chosen a career with more life balance, accumulated more assets, and I was so much happier than I had ever been. What changed? My mindset towards money.

I had discovered habits, mind hacks, and essential action steps that got me to success faster.

If you ..

Then Bankroll Bootcamp will help you :


Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

LIMITED TIME BONUS: One on One with money mentor Joyce Rojas where she delves into your financial numbers, goals, and mindset to come up with personalized action steps!

Week 4:

Week 5:

BONUS: An amazing technique is used to tap into your subconscious and find what belief system is personally holding you back from greatness!

Week 6:

Week 7: Create a Plan of Attack

Week 8:

BONUS: Joyce calls in an expert to give you a breakthrough session that can help you clean up negative beliefs and thought patterns.

Bankroll Bootcamp is only available twice a year and spots fill up fast. Book a call to get on the list and get any questions answered !

Testimonials .

In our time of working together, I accomplished a lot: I totally re-organized my business finances, I made a couple of key business decisions to free up a lot of my time to focus on growth, I got my P&L under control, with budgeting and Budget vs. Actual reporting and analysis for the FIRST time in my 26 years of owning my business. I took a couple of key steps on the personal finance side to align goals with my life-partner. With my life partner, we took the step of refinancing our mortgage, shaving 11 years and almost $200K off of our total payments.
Investing in MYSELF, by partnering with Joyce, was one of the most cost-effective decisions I’ve ever made. And I look forward to re-engaging with her as both a mindset coach AND money mentor to focus more on personal finances.

-Michael Einbinder-Schatz

Joyce has made an incredible difference in my life! Through her coaching, she has enabled me to re-evaluate and change my mindset so that I can work toward achieving my goals. She is very knowledgeable, focused and driven to see people succeed in their endeavors. I highly recommend Joyce as a coach/mentor and am grateful to her for empowering me to see my potential!

-Andrea Kealey

Working with Joyce has been an amazing experience. She really takes you out of your comfort zone and allows you to change your mindset behind money and money management.

- Duran Coley

Joyce Rojas is a Very impressive woman! I had a FABULOUS money mindset coaching session with her, and it was ripe with great information! Not only is she a fantastic coach with lots of valuable information, but she is also charming, smart, caring and extremely personable. She gave me some great investing tips, and I felt genuinely cared for and supported. I literally cannot wait for her empowering money Affirmations book to come out! Thank you so much Joyce!

-Minda Burr

Where to even begin! Joyce has created amazing resources to increase one’s financial abundance no matter where we are at the moment, and suitable to accommodate anyone at any level, going from someone who knows nothing about how to successfully handle their finances to the successful business owner or entrepreneur who wants to grow their assets in the most efficient way. My experience with her through the financial bootcamp program I just attended with her was and has been incredibly rewarding, positive, and it worked! It has opened my mind to new possibilities and my income changed for the better, and continues to do so! Thank you so much!

-Abby Aguilera

I would highly recommend Joyce! Choosing her as my coach has made such a huge impact on my life these past few months. Before our coaching, there were several areas in my life that needed improving. I have been able to tackle several things that were holding me back and have walked away with results I can measure.

- Meredith Dunbar